My professional interests

Studies of microevolutionary processes underlying speciation events in various groups of metazoans. The research is primarily focused on evaluating the impact of various ecological and population genetic determinants on the population differentiation and evolution of novel species. Such factors involve historical demography, geographic distribution and habitat preferences in free-living organisms, which is extended with the issue of host specificity in parasites.

Particularly, I am (/was) interested in the two following topics:

           - speciation in parasites and host-parasite co-evolution (read more...)

            - hybrid zones (read more...)

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Biodiversity Hotspots - the most remarkable and the most threatened places on Earth.

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Hedvabná stezka (The Silk Road): a website run by travellers for travellers.


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Blog: Zpravy z Londyna:  a "friends and family" blog

AVAILABLE UNDERGRAD THESES TOPICS - Molecular ecology of parasites and their vertebrate hosts. Bc. & Mgr. parasitology & zoology theses topics.

I am a researcher based at the Biology Centre, CAS and Faculty of Science, University of S. Bohemia in České Budějovice, CZ, where I absolved my undergraduate (Zoology) and graduate (Parasitology) training. Currently, I am a visiting Fulbright scholar at Univ. of Illinois. I had also spent two years of my postdoc research in the Natural History Museum in London, UK.
By descent, I come from a small village in the SE part of Moravia (CZ).